Weekend Expeditions

1: Boundary Bay Raptors

2: Stanley Park with Wild Research

3. Reifel Bird Sanctuary

4. SFU

5. Iona Beach with Wild Research

6. Weekend Expedition 6: Comox

7. Burnaby Lake Park

8. Return to Reifel

9. Deer Lake Park

10. Spring Springing in Stanley Park

11. A Composite

12. Indoors!

13. Photo Contest!

14. Pacific Spirit Park

15. Hasting Park

16. A Grab Bag

17. The Un-Expedition

18. Around Victoria, East Sooke, and Saanich

19. Black widow collecting at Island View Beach

20: Creatures of an urban pond

21. A spider hunt at Iona Beach

22. How to photograph a spider’s privates

23. Rat Safari!

24. On white, in situ

25. Einege kleine NachtSpinnen

Cheapskate Tuesday

1: Cheapskate Flash Diffuser

2. Raynox DCR 250

3. Trigger Happy

4. 50 mm 1.8

5. Extension Tubes

6. A simple flash bracket

7. Cheapskate Flash Diffuser Mk II

8. The painted look without Photoshop

9. Black Foam flag/snoot

10: Monster Macro Rig

11. Go to FM forums!

12. The Salticid Startler®

13. Little progress on the Salticid Startler

14. The Fenix E05: A handy little flashlight

15. Headed for the water!

15. Shooting a cat for equality

17. Micro Aquaria!

18. flickr: a tera-bad idea or a good backup option?

19. Speedlight(s) and a bounce card

20. Sitting on white

21. A spider hunt at Iona Beach

22. Strathcona Park, Vancouver

23. Swallows around Vancouver

24. Long Weekend in Victoria

25. A few from Stanley Park

26. Biking out to Iona

27. SFU and the Pandora Community Garden

28. Nature outing with the Hastings Park Conservancy

Caracara Research

1. Introducing my favourite loud bird

2. Natural History and classification 1765-1838

3. Do Red-throated Caracaras kill and eat people?

4. Recent sighting of Red-throated Caracaras in Nicaragua!

5. Video of Red-throated Caracara in Nicaragua

6. Red-throated Caracara nest in Honduras

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