Got all the angles covered!


I found this jumping spider yesterday on the wall of the Insectary Annex at SFU. From browsing on Bugguide, I think it is a male Evarcha, but I am not sure which species. Anyway, since the last shots of jumpers on white were well-received, I thought I would share these as well. I hope you enjoy hem!

IMG_9908 IMG_9911

IMG_9918-2 IMG_9929 IMG_9941

2 thoughts on “Got all the angles covered!

  1. I try to do this as well, mostly because it gives me a better chance of ID’ing the subject. For the amateur it is sometimes hard to understand how often seemingly minor differences in the shape of details (ant petioles, beetle pronotums, the position,number or length of hairs etc.) can be the deciding factor in proper ID. I don’t know how many times I have been embarrassed at BugGuide for neglecting the one vital angle that could have determined the species!

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